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Update by user Aug 09, 2019

Stay away from this company. Use someone local, the representatives are out of the country, they speak very little English

Update by user Aug 09, 2019

Since I posted this review I was contacted via email by Zack Shelby. Quality Assurance Manager, who emailed me and asked if I could remove my review.

He asked I call him to resolve the issue. When I tried to contact him I was told he was no longer with the group and there was nothing they could do to assist me with my issues. I have had to go around try to get others to help me with the web site but all I get is that it is a mess.

Octalogo has a 100% Ownership Rights 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,100% Money Back Guarantee *NO MONTHLY OR ANY HIDDEN FEE*.I have tried calling and requesting they fix my issues, I didn't want my money back I just wanted the issues fixed and my emails accessible.I have gotten no resolution from them. I am now asking for my money back.

Original review posted by user Jul 05, 2019

Since signing up with this company, it has been nothing but a nightmare.I paid for web site design &logo. The logo took forever, then the web site was a 8 month challenge.

Once the web site was live, it was suspended, I have emailed Ally with no response, I have called the company where they immediately told me my account was hacked and I needed to pay another $150 to re establish the web site, even after I told the representative I paid for lifetime hosting. I asked for a supervisor and he didn't want to transfer me to someone else, asking me why I didn't want to pay to get my web site back up.

I finally got in touch with someone else who tells me it will take 24-48 hours for the web site to go live again, here's its been 3 weeks and my web site continues to be suspended. I call every day and get told the same thing ( it's being worked on sorry about the delay).

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Octa Logo Pros: Got robbed, Refund policy.

Octa Logo Cons: Bad service, Terrible customer service.

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Stay away from Octa Logo!!! They stole my money too.


I agree and had a similar experience. Now they changed their name to Design Proficient and another name also. Just be alert.

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