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This company is a SCAM! I will be filing a lawsuit against this company.

This company does NOT follow their 100% satisfaction or your full refund back policy. They also do NOT abide by their 100% ownership agreement. My website had went live WITHOUT my knowing and was NOWHERE near complete. Currently the website is now unresponsive.

The website still had mock photos and placeholder text. I was suppose to recieve a phone call from my project manager prior to my website going live but I never recieved a call. Obviously, I am not satisfied with an incomplete website that has gone live without my knowledge. This was the last straw for me on top of the constant upselling, and the rude customer service.

When I requested a refund, they tried to tell me that they could not give me a refund because my website was live even though I did not approve of it going live. BUT according to a sales rep (I have written proof), I could get a refund if I was NOT 100% satisfied. They are FALSE ADVERTISING and their so-called refund policy on their terms and condition page is contradicting. I definitely did not have any expectations of paying $1300 for an incomplete website that is unresponsive.

I highly advise consumers to stay avoid this company at all costs! They make fake contracts and will say anything just to get a sale.

I have lost all trust in this company. My lawyer will be contacting this company ASAP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Octa Logo Web Design Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Fix unresponsive website and backend and give me FULL OWNERSHIP of my domain name WITHOUT any costs.

Octa Logo Pros: Logo they designed for me.

Octa Logo Cons: Constant upselling and not abiding by their policies, Rude customer service when wanting to fix the problem, Unprofessional, Not willing to fix the problem.

  • scamming customers
  • digital marketing scam
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I totally agree


Scam Alert Frauds Ripoff Merchants Buyer Beware Seriously people, read the reports. I wish I had.

It’s cost me so much money and now all I have is a broken website and 90 days of broken promises. Warning, they are Not in Australia nor USA, they are in Middle East posing as a reputable company. They will break your website deliberately, then ask you to pay an additional $500 to fix it. Read the reviews for as this is just one of the many companies that they go by.

Same frauds, different name. I have also taken them to Accc and the Police. This is little help as the company is registers as a sole trader in Perth. Just read and learn from other hard working, honest people mistakes.

Do Not make the same mistake yourself. It has now cost me $1200 to learn from this mistake myself, and hopefully I can warn people like “you” to not make the same mistake.

I ask All of the previous disheartened and disgruntled customers to spend the time and spread the message (there is already whom have done) it might just be sufficient in them being shut down by the relevant governing bodies. Please and thank you.

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