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Review Update: Octalogo representative emailed me saying "Please stop defaming us" and writing very unprofessional (that's what they do best) but I replied providing all the evidence showing that I was a customer and I was scammed by them. Then a manager contacted me and promised me they will send me the trade mark/ copy right certificate of my logo showing me as the owner considering I was the one who design it, however, I never received the certificate from them because once again they lied.

Unfortunately my previous reviews were deleted because Octalogo reported it since I included names in my review and that's apparently against Trustpilot rules but I think people should know the names of those doing scams. However, of course they (octalogo) don't want other customers to know. Hopefully this review stays and people can be aware of my scam experience and stay away from them.

CUSTOMERS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM OCTALOGO. SCAM!!!!!!!!! You can search their name to see how many customers are having the same bad scam experience.

Initial Review: I paid for a logo package to make my logo idea in the required format for marketing materials (I sent the logo design idea that I created to them trusting they were honest). I was very engage with them and even made the edits of the design myself (in power point) to make the process easier and they only needed to make the changes in their logo design software/photoshop. All the logo idea was mine from start to finish. While working on this, they charged my credit card $280 without my authorization and when I told them I placed a fraud claim with my bank they quickly replied they will reimburse and to please inform my bank to close out the investigation. After this my trust continued to go down the hill so at this point I decided to contact USPTO to do the copyrights/trademark registration instead of working that portion with them (Octa Logo / OctaGroup), however at the end when I got my final product they wanted to charge me $300 for copyrights services and threaten me saying they will open a legal case against me ignoring the logo was all my idea and not theirs. Do not trust this company. They will take your idea/design and make it theirs to then try to charge you and make money out of it. Sometimes if something looks to good or too cheap, is for something bad, is a scam and is not legit.

Please know that OctaLogo and DesignProficient work hand to hand based on what the OctaLogo rep told me. He contacted me after I accessed OctaLogo website and I got confused because he was under a different company name but he explained to me that both companies are the same and that's why both pages (OCTALOGO AND DESIGNPROFICIENT) have actually the same logo packages. You can visit their pages and see it for yourself unless they modified their page to cover themselves which is what they do best.

It was such a nightmare dealing with unprofessional people playing games and covering each other. I was so excited to get this done and trusted them but sadly they ended up to be SCAMMERS!


Octa Logo Cons: Bad service, Scam, Steal customers ideas and make them as theirs, Unprofessional, Hated my experience.

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