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Octa Logo has numerous "front companies" with bogus addresses in multiple cities. One of their "affiliates" has the address of a bank in Nigeria, but they are very well likely run from India.

Possible Octa Logo Front Companies:

Visual Designs Inc.

This company is a total scam.

The employees utilize fake names like "John Daniels, Charlie Stevens, and Paul Howard." They claim to be based in many different cities across the United States, but this is a mechanism to avoid lawsuits.

One on-line sleuth actually made a YouTube video detailing the extent of Octa Logo scams, bait-and-switch tactics, outright theft, and refusal to complete the services they promise.

Search for the YouTube Video called "Investigating Scammers, Octa Logo." There is an entire video dedicated to revealing their criminal activities .

In my case, I payed $400 up front, began the website with them and moved. When I called them back, they demanded more money to start the work again and stated that this was detailed on their "Octa Logo Terms and Conditions" page.

The issue is that I called a number associated with one of their front companies (they have so many) AKA, but in any case, there was no "Terms and Conditions" page associated with one of their portal websites selling their services, and I paid over the phone.

I simply saw the phone number in a Google search return, did not click on the link and called the number. The prices seemed reasonable, so I never clicked on the link and made an agreement over the phone.

Designs Utility is actually an entry-way to accounts for those having website designs done, and there is no info regarding the company, just entry fields for usernames and passwords. I discovered that months later.

Only after researching the portal front company Designs Utility, was I able to determine that I had been engaged in business with Octa Logo.

There was nothing on the portal website to indicate that they were a "subsidiary" (AKA "Scam Front Company) of Octa Logo.

Even after their "designated completion time-frame" had expired, I was still receiving e-mails from Design Utility in regards to completing the website.

At no point in time was I told by any employees over the phone, or in an e-mail, that the portal site (with no terms and conditions page) was an Octa Logo company OR that there was a time limitation for website completion with respect to the customer, who would be required to pay a "penalty fee" to have the already-paid-for work completed.

The person handling the design project goes by the name "Ally Shaw." All attempts to resolve the situation with him were met with rude responses.

Subsequently, calls to customer service were never responded to with a return call as promised (at least ten inbound calls to them), and my verbal interface with them was met with foul language and threats of being sued.

They consistently used the excuse that the "terms and conditions" are clearly explained on the Octa Logo website, even though I had no idea that I was having the "parent company" doing the design work. Also, I was never sent a receipt, nor was I ever sent the "terms and conditions" subsequent to my payment. Furthermore, we agreed on a set amount and they over-charged me by several hundred dollars, which required me calling them back, to reverse the over-charge.

Present status: They refused to complete the website, my password no longer works and they are demanding more money to complete the now-gone work that had already been completed.


Buyer beware. These are not good people and they engage in deceptive practices, deceiving their clientele and then becoming aggressive when questioned about their bait and switch tactics.


Product or Service Mentioned: Octa Logo Web Design Service.

Reason of review: Bait and Switch - Deceptive Practices.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Octa Logo Cons: Misrepresentation, Bait and switch, Deceptive practices, Fraud, Credit card overcharge.

  • Scam
  • Deceptive Practices
  • Credit card overcharge
  • Abusive Language
  • Creditcard Overcharge
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