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Update by user Feb 05, 2020

After further review of Octa Logo. I believe this fraud is so massive, with so many victims not even reporting their losses, that I will ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), White Collar Crimes Unit to look into these con artists. Yes, I know they are doing their crimes from overseas in maybe India/Pakistan but there is jurisdiction because I have discovered/established that Octa Logo is incorporated in Wyoming.I also have the name of the Octa Logo employee/director who filed the articles of incorporation, as well as the fact that they are using a USA based credit card processor to rip off /shakedown businesses using fraud to perform credit card charges on an on-going basis / massive scale.I will update here if the FBI, hopefully, agrees to look into this matter.

Original review posted by user Feb 03, 2020

FIGHT OCTA LOGO AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK / GET JUSTICE! Don't give up on reading this entire post, it is the relief you have been seeking.

They are not based in New Jersey or Florida. The addresses posted on their website are fake. They are 100% based overseas, probably in India or Pakistan. They are incorporated in Wyoming under the name of Design Quotations LLC

They tried to shake me down to renew my logo copyright by text and email.

I said NO, then they said my copyrights have expired, I have no right to use the logo anymore and that they will sue me and contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). One-year renewal is $150, five-year renewal is $250 and lifetime renewals are $350. If you refuse to pay, they will say if they find your logo online, they will sue you and fine you $1,000s of dollars. This is a total fraud, there is no copyright renewal service with the USPTO, see below.

"Do I have to renew my copyright?

No. Works created on or after January 1, 1978, are not subject to renewal registration"

www.copyright.gov help faq faq-duration

How to fight back/get your money back if you were/are being scammed by this company currently for logo work/ copyright renewals and websites/hosting jobs: Don't let them time you out to get a refund from your credit card company from the date they charged you.

If they are giving you the runaround/ delays handing over your projects, dont wait, or you will get screwed. Generally, you have 120 days to request a chargeback from your credit card company. Dont listen to the Octa Logo staff with promises of a refund if you dont get your services right away or the work is not what they promised/ or is on its way soon, perform the chargeback right away.

After 120 days from the charge date, you cant get your money back.

But dont give up, you can still fight back. Use method #4 &;;;;; # 5 to go after them, payback time!

1.Request a refund, if they do it, good! Do not accept partial refunds if they have not delivered what they promised, their phony contracts are a fraud. Then, call your credit card company and ask for a new card because this company keeps your card info and can charge you again.

2.If they say no to your refund or only offer you a partial refund and or that they will put your case with their legal department/lawyers- dont be afraid of their threats, they are in India or Pakistan my friends.

Contact your credit card company and request a chargeback/dispute for services not provided as promised (make sure that you request a refund from Octa Logo first) if they dont issue the refund immediately, they never will because they want to time you out so you cant get a refund from a dispute with your credit card company. Be prepared to send supporting documents to your credit card company if they request more information.

3.After/if you get your money back from your credit card company, remember to call your credit card company and ask for a new card due to unauthorized/repeated fraud charges by this company.

4.This scam company has been incorporated in Wyoming since 2016 and they are still using this corporation to process credit card charges in the United States, and you can go after them legally using the methods below.

5.If you want to sue them, send your legal notices to them below in Wyoming. Im positive they have assets in the USA- using a US corporate bank account under the name of Design Innovations LLC. They are using this shell corporation to maintain a merchant account using Stripe to process their fraudulent credit card transactions.

I am exposing enough information here for you/your lawyer to get started to sue them/ start a class action lawsuit.

Guess who knows where they are doing their banking in the USA and have possible stolen fraud money in their accounts that you may be able to recover from lawsuits? Stripe, Inc., their credit card processor, a bank account is required to transfer payments to them. A good lawyer can destroy these con artists and possibly recover some/all your losses in a class-action lawsuit even if you lost money years ago!

Do not bother to make complaints to the Federal Trade Commission/State Attorneys General Office-they only protect individual consumers, generally- not business to business disputes.

Clearly, you are a business if you hired Octo Logo to do work for your business. You will have to sue these con-artists and write complaints to their credit card processor to get them booted off their network to stop them from being able to charge any more credit cards.

If you are a lawyer/victim looking to start a class-action lawsuit, you have plenty of people here and also on other social media review sites to get more people to join you (google, yelp, trustpilot) there are so many complaints against Octo Logo.

This is the Wyoming company of Octa Logo and where to serve your legal-notices/lawsuits:

Design Quotations LLC/ DBA -Octa Logo

30 N Gould St, Ste R

Sheridan, WY 82801

(This is their registered agent address in Wyoming to receive legal notices/ documents on their behalf-this is not their actual company location- Dont harass/complain to the registered agent please, they are not the owners of this scam company)

If we can get try to get them suspended/removed from their credit card processor, WE must stop them.

Send your full complaint in writing and make sure you use the name of Design Quotations LLC -DBA Octa Logo for credit card fraud to their credit card processor Stripe with your name, your business name, amount you lost, date of charges, copies of any supporting documents to:

Stripe, Inc.

510 Townsend Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Attn: General Counsel/Fraud

When I confronted Octa Logo that I discovered that they are currently incorporated in Wyoming and are using Stripe to commit credit card fraud and that I will request chargebacks from my credit card company. They attack me with harassing text and said they will sue me. I said, please present your American lawyers, my lawyer will destroy you con artist in court! They refunded me immediately, then they blocked me -deleted all their email addresses used to communicate with me and stopped harassing me.

I exposed these con artists! They are on the run from me, lets close them down together!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Help Victims to fight back.

Octa Logo Pros: Bunch of con artist.

Octa Logo Cons: Deceptive practices.

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Very bad company. These folks are thieves and someone must stop them


I recently looked at some reviews on the BBB site as pertaining to Octalogo in 2018. I noticed they had a lot of good reviews about their work.

Unfortunately, having worked with this company for the past year, I have taken the time to do more research on them and I know they capable of giving themselves good reviews to deceive potential clients. However if you look closely, you will notice the "actual customers reviews are very identical which all point to a fraudulent and scam operation. Since I began working with them, my email was attacked by the dark web and I was receiving a lot of potential *** alert on my laptop. They were also charging my credit card without my approval.

The above is to say the least. After paying them to create a website, they wanted me to consult with them to do the SEO and SMO. I refused to do any work with them seeing the torture they put me through when building the site. I contracted with another company to work on the SEO.

We quickly found out that my domain which was hosted by Godaddy was constantly attacked and codes deleted. I received an unsolicited email from Logo Basement stating that they have been monitoring my site for a while and they can fix the problem. I immediately knew they were part of Octalogo. I confronted them and they finally said they "used" to work for Octalogo.

Meanwhile Logo Basement is registered in the UK and Octalogo claimed they were in Florida. I reported the issues I was encountering with Octalogo knowing very well that they were the culprit.

They asked me to cancel my service with godaddy and the new developer and they will charge me a fee to host and complete the other services and I should have no problems. This is all a scam because we found out that they build codes in the website which allows them to have access later to create problems that cannot be fixed by other developers.


I would like to join in any action against Octalogo. How are they still in business.

let's shut them down and claim for damages.

let's start a class action suit. please include me dssmkim gmail!


I have recently filed a complaint with the Government fraud unit. In an email I recently got from someone at Octa and I dealt with Design eminent, they told me they have 18 companies companies under their cap.

They asked me to remove my bad review. I still have not received what I paid for and well you know the rest. More money, more this, more that. Blah Blah Blah.

Read their email response below to me. I have declined their free offers numerous times and told them I want what I paid for and to be done. So now it is take your review down and them we will give you what you paid for. Still untrue because Copyrights are delivered via mail to your house not email.

To whomever needs it, I have emails and even a voice recording. From Rachel Johnson: No problem, we can have the call schedule for later down the road. Yes, octa logo is one of our brand that comes under design eminent and we do have more than 18 brands working under design eminent but that does not mean we are hiding our identity, it's a fair business that we are doing. As far as your copyrights is concern so this was the only reason to reaching out to you.

Being a brand reputation manager I can provide you with the copyrights with no additional fee which was quoted to you, we are ready to bare this fee from our pocket just to make you happy and satisfy with our services. I want you to cooperate with us and keep this email for your records and remove the review from platform and take my notes once you will remove the review after only 4-5 working days you'll be receiving your copyright serial code from me at your email address. If I failed to do so, you may post a review again as you have the all options with you.

But please, consider this email in your favor and give me a chance to work with you. Also, as a good will gesture I may be able to provide you with the free design services.


I am in the process of getting my money back from these crooks. They need to be stopped!!! Thank you


Thank you so much for this information


You are welcome!!!

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